Flexible Sprinkler

Hose Fittings

Flexible Sprinkler Hose Fittings (A Product of Seungjin/Youngjin/Daijin)



Available product length and type 700mm to 1800 (28’’ to 70’’)
Available square bar length 700mm to 1500 (28’’ to 59’’)
Max. working pressure 14kgf/cm (200psi)
Max. ambient temperature 107 C (225 F)
Minimum installation Bending Radius 75mm (3’’)
Bending Angles (Flow Direction) up to 180 Degree
Largest K factor for ½ inch outlet 5.6[gpm/(psi) ½]
Largest K factor for 1/3 inch outlet 14.0[gpm/(psi) ½]
Intended use Wet system and dry system